The Best Long Distance Movers In Houston

Published On: May 3, 2023

Houston is a large city located in the state of Texas. Many people move in and out of Houston each day. If you are one of these people, then you will need to find a moving company that can help you move your belongings to your new home.

Finding a good long-distance moving company in Houston can be a daunting task. There are many companies out there that claim to be the best, but how do you know which one is the best for your needs?

Below we will get into some factors when it comes to finding a good long-distance moving company along with the very best in Houston.

What Makes a Good Long-Distance Moving Company?

There are a few factors that you should consider when it comes to finding the best long-distance moving company in Houston. We will start with reliability.


This is one of the most important factors. Your possessions need to be taken care of and not damaged during transportation. A good company will do all they can to ensure your items arrive safely at your new home.

Affordable Rates

You must find a company that offers affordable rates without compromising on quality or reliability. You should be able to get a great deal without having to worry about your belongings.


When it comes to long-distance moves, things can often change at the last minute. A good company will be flexible and be able to accommodate any changes that you may need to make.

Good Customer Service

You must find a company that offers great customer service. This will help ensure your needs are met throughout the process and if something does go wrong, you know that someone has got your back.

When it comes to finding the best long-distance moving company in Houston, there are certainly many options to choose from. By considering these factors, you can feel confident that you are getting the best service possible.

Best Long-Distance Companies In Houston

Now that we went over what makes a good long-distance moving company, let’s take a look at the best long-distance companies in Houston.

#1 Yellow Eagle Relocations

Yellow Eagle Relocations is number one for a reason. Their attention to detail and customer service is top-notch. They also offer a wide range of services to accommodate any type of move.

Not only do they offer every service you can think of, but they also have a team of experts that are ready to help you with whatever you need. No matter what your long-distance moving needs are.

On top of all that their pricing is more than competitive.

After reading their reviews there are some things we picked up on. When it comes to Yellow Eagle their efficiency and carefulness are second to none.

They understand that moving can be a stressful time for you, and do everything they can to make the process as smooth as possible.

The managers take their time to get to know you and your needs so that they can better assist you and they also go out of their way to keep in touch with you every step of the way.

From start to finish, you will be well taken care of with Yellow Eagle Relocations.

#2 Long Distance Movers

Long-Distance Movers prides themselves on being transparent and up-front with their rates.

When you reach out to them they go over the best way to approach your move and provide you with a quote upfront. This allows you to budget better for your long-distance move, while also feeling confident that they are providing you with the best rates possible.

The only downside we noticed while going through the reviews was coordinating issues with pickup and drop-off times.

However, it seems as if extremely responsive and helpful in rectifying any problems that may have arisen.

If you’re looking for an affordable long-distance moving company with great customer service, Long-Distance Movers is a great option.

#3 Cross Country Moving Company

Cross Country Moving Company offers all the services including packing, loading, and unpacking, storage units, and last but not least car transport. They also pride themselves on being one of the most affordable moving companies in Houston.

They have a very straightforward website that allows you to enter your zip code and your future location to get started.

They offer free quotes with no obligation, which is always a plus.

The reviews we found for Cross Country Moving Company were extremely positive, with people stating that the coordination of their move was seamless.

Overall, Cross Country Moving Company is a great option for all your moving needs.

#4 U-Pack Moving

U-Pack Moving is another great option for your long-distance move. With U-Pack you only pay for the space you use, so you can save money on your long- distance move no matter how much or little you are moving.

U-Pack promises no hidden fees and no surprises, which can be a huge relief for anyone that has moved before.

When looking over the reviews most of them were positive, however, there were quite a few that stated that the customer service was not as helpful or responsive as they would have liked and some others stated that their items were damaged during the move.

One thing to keep in mind is that they are a very big company so getting hands-on customer service can be difficult at times.

Overall though, U-Pack Moving is a great option for your move.

#5 Einstein Moving Company

Last but not least is Einstein Moving Company. This company offers all the services you will need for your long-distance move, including packing and unpacking services.

They have a GPS tracking system that allows you to track your belongings as they are being transported to your new home.

They also never use contract workers which ensures you always have the same moving crew in order to address any issues or questions you may have.

The reviews for Einstein Moving Company were mostly positive, however, there were some complaints about timing and customer service. So those are things to keep in mind before choosing Einstein Moving Company.

Why Yellow Eagle Relocations Is The Best

All of these options are good options but when you put everything all together, it’s easy to see why Yellow Eagle Relocations is the best choice for your long-distance move.

They offer great rates, attentive and responsive customer service, and a hassle-free moving experience from start to finish.

They are very transparent and getting scheduled is easy and quick. Once they have you as their customer they don’t stop there. They make sure they stay on top of your move and keep you in the loop every step of the way.

If you’re looking for a stress-free long-distance move, look no further than ,Yellow Eagle Relocations!

Other FAQs When It Comes To Your Long-Distance Move

Now that we went over the very best long-distance moving companies in Houston, let’s get into some frequently asked questions that you may have during your long-distance move.

How much does a mover cost in Houston?

This varies by so many factors. How a certain company charges for its services will depend on the size and type of move you are making, as well as your overall budget. If you are looking for a more affordable option, be sure to shop around and compare prices from different companies. Be sure that the company you decide to choose specializes in the type of long-distance move you’re trying to accomplish.

For example, some companies may charge a minimum which will result in you paying way more than you need to if you’re only moving a few items. On the other hand, some companies may have rates that are more affordable but charge by weight or volume which can result in an overall higher cost.

How Can You Make Your Move Easier and Less Expensive?

Getting rid of some items is the easiest way to make your move cheaper. Donate or sell items that you no longer need and use the money you save to help cover some of the costs associated with moving.

Another way is to make sure you get quotes from multiple companies in order to compare their rates and services. This will help you get the best deal possible without compromising on quality or reliability.

What Are Movers Not Allowed to Move?

Anything that’s hazardous or flammable, such as paint, gas tanks, aerosols, and more. Also, things that are illegal to transport across state lines, like firearms and drugs. Additionally, movers cannot move anything that’s perishable or valuable like cash or jewelry.


When it comes to finding the best long-distance moving company in Houston, there are many factors to consider. Reliability, affordability, flexibility, and good customer service are all important considerations when choosing a mover. We hope this blog post helped you to better understand what to look for when choosing a long-distance moving company in Houston.

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