The Best Long Distance Movers In California

Published On: May 3, 2023

If you have ever moved across town you know how difficult and stressful it can be. Furthermore, moving over long distances can be even more complicated. You can reduce some of your stress load during a move by hiring a moving company. If you’re still undecided about whether you should hire professional movers or do it yourself, then the list below will help you in settling for the best option. You will get to look at some of the reasons why hiring a mover might be better than doing it yourself.

Packing and Loading

When moving an entire house you will quickly realize how many heavy items you own. This can be a daunting challenge when trying to pack and unpack. A professional moving team will carefully pack and unpack these items and ensure they are secure during transport. Even when friends promise to offer help they might not do it the best way possible. Not only do people hate moving, but the risk of injuries is also great. The last thing you need to worry about is the doctor’s bill for either your dislocated shoulder or a friend’s fractured toe. Professionals, on the other hand, know how to safely lift and move large and heavy objects.


When hiring a professional mover for your long-distance move you can rest assured that all of your items will be loaded quickly. Plus you don’t have to worry about finding help on moving the day. When your volunteers don’t show up a reputable moving team comes in on time and ready with all the hand tools needed. Movers have great experience in sorting out items efficiently. They have the know-how and the tools needed for the safety of all your belongings.


With professional movers, you are assured that your valuables are insured. Every moving company is required by law to offer an insurance cover to their clients. Although it’s only a basic cover that doesn’t cater to reimbursing the full cost of your belongings in the case of an accident you are free to get extra cover for your valuables. Movers are responsible for any damages or loss. Maybe you’ve experienced moving and think you can do it by yourself, but do you want to assume responsibility for breaking your expensive plasma TV, computers and other precious valuables? Professional movers know exactly how to load these up and ensure their safety while in transport. If anything is broken during the move, they will pay for it.

Moving Your Vehicle

When moving long distances you will need to think about how you will move your vehicle as well. When moving, cross country driving your car can add unneeded mileage and put you at risk of wrecking it. Moreover, this might add to the overall stress of the move at hand. That is why more people opt to ship their vehicles. It gives you peace of mind and added convenience. However, the cost can be quite a bit, it varies depending on how far your move is.

Date of Move

Over half of the moves across America happen in just four months, usually starting from Mid-spring which starts in May and ends in late Summer with August. There are several reasons for this. Many people prefer to move when the weather is nice and these are months when it’s the warmest. Families with children may prefer to move in these months because this is their child’s summer break. This can make transitioning to a new school much easier. Whatever the reason, May through August is the hot spot. Moving companies have this knowledge and the best way to go about it is to ensure you are not stuck in a rut.

There is more demand for moving trucks, which can cause the moving costs to go up. Some movers will help you settle on a date that will make your move smooth. The day of the move is important as well. The beginning of the weekend tends to be when the demand is higher. So if you can move midweek, you may be able to save money, especially if you move to start Sunday, which is the least desired day.

The Potential of Saving Money

When you are relocating over a long distance, the cost of hiring movers may seem too costly. Getting a few big cousins to help may save you money compared to hiring professional help but you might underestimate the cost of doing it yourselves. There’s the potential for injuries and damages, then you have to pay for food, drinks equipment, gas and vehicle failures. To top it off, your belongings are not insured, which means you have to pay to replace whatever breaks.

There is a lot you have to take care of before and during a move, which can make it hard to do all the packing and transporting yourself. Hiring professional movers will help free up a lot of your time. This will allow you to handle other important things like setting up utility services, spending time with friends, familiarizing yourself with the new place, and registering the kids into their new school. At the end of the day, hiring a professional mover can save you a lot of heartaches. You can focus on taking care of business while knowing your belongings are in good hands.

Why Yellow Eagle

Moving companies offer several services. This might include both local and long-distance moving and your pool storage needs. Why choose Yellow Eagle moving company? We offer top-notch information and guidance throughout the process. The company is certified and has a great team working tirelessly to cater to clients’ unique needs. The experts available to offer assistance include consultants, packers, and movers.

Yellow Eagle movers create an experience that is very affordable, and convenient and one that guarantees the highest standards of quality and efficiency. On the company’s website, you can enjoy a simplified model of cost calculation. The availability of online cost calculators makes this possible. When you work with Yellow Eagle you can rest assured that the company will keep your information private. The details of your move are only shared internally with the professionals that have been thoroughly screened and vetted. Your security and satisfaction are important to the company’s objective.

Yellow Eagle has its offices in South Florida and California making it the best choice for moves from California to any other major state and vice versa. The availability of moving and packing services makes it highly recommended among the area’s realtors and estate managers. The company’s mission is to deliver superior customer service and to provide the highest level of quality workmanship for the physical movement of goods. Yellow Eagle strives to maintain a level of communication that eliminates the stress and inherent concern that you might have when hiring a moving service, be it residential or commercial.

Wind Up

Long-distance relocation has never been easy at any one time but if you have the right moving company, it will be as easy as it can get. Several factors play a role in determining the moving company you choose to help you relocate hundreds of miles from your current home. Don’t leave your out-of-state or cross-country move to an amateur with a rented truck. By using Yellow Eagle services you are ensured to enjoy your next long-distance move. This is why our clients trust us again, and again, with their relocation needs. If you’d like to consider hiring a professional mover for your long-distance move then visit our website and request a custom quote.

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