Moving from Florida to Texas: Cost, Considerations, and Process

Published On: August 26, 2023

Moving from one state to another is never easy, even when the states in question are somewhat similar, such as Florida and Texas. Both of these states have hot summers and fast-growing populations.

Of course, there are also some differences as well. Florida is a popular tourist hotspot, while Texas is one of the agricultural centers of the USA. Florida is well-known for its seafood specialties, while Texas’s barbeque meals are unparalleled. 

Additionally, Texas has a lower cost of living than Florida while providing more job opportunities at the same time. Makes no wonder that so many people are moving from Florida to Texas. 

If you are one of them, you are probably worried about what awaits you. How will you get all your things from one state to another? How much will it cost you? The answers to these and several other questions you can find in this article, so keep reading!

Research Your Destination

Since you decided to move to Texas, you probably have a good reason to do so, and you probably did your research about what to expect. However, maybe you missed something, so let’s take a look at some major things to check before you start to plan your move.

Is the place you plan to live in urban or rural?

What does the job market look like? Which professions are most sought after? How about your profession?

In case you have kids, which schools are nearby? What about colleges?

How many hospitals and clinics are nearby?

Is there a well-organized public transportation?

What’s the culture and lifestyle there?

What’s the crime rate, and which areas are the most/least dangerous?

How high is the cost of living, including the prices of average rent, food, and other basic expenses?  

Is it cheaper to rent or buy a property, thinking long-term?

Are there any notable landmarks, natural parks, cultural and historic places nearby?

The more answers to these questions you find, the more prepared you will be for your move. 

Plan Your Move

Now that you researched your new living location in Texas thoroughly, it is time to plan your move. First, you need to plan the date of your move. There are several things to consider when doing so. 

For example, if you move to Texas because of a new job, you obviously need to move before your first day. We recommend that you move at least a week before your first day at new work. This will give you enough time to unpack, rest, and get familiar with your new surroundings.

While Texas has a hot climate similar to Florida, it is more unpredictable and fluctuating. Check the weather predictions for the time period when you plan to move. If possible, avoid days with announced heatwaves or storms. 

Also, don’t forget about your living arrangements. When does your lease begin? You don’t want to come to Texas before your lease start date, but you also don’t want to sit in Florida while paying for a place in Texas. 

Finally, if you have school-age children, you need to take that into consideration. You need to choose a moving date that won’t interfere with them starting a new school.  

DIY vs. Hiring a Moving Company

Another important aspect of planning is to decide whether you will move by yourself or hire a moving company. For local moves, DIY moving is a great way to save money. However, for long-distance moves between states, hiring a moving company is a much better option.

Renting a moving truck and other moving equipment for such distances costs almost the same as simply hiring a moving company. Yet, it comes with much more stress, and it requires more effort and even more planning. 

With a reliable moving company, there is no stress. Your belongings are in the hands of experienced and professional movers. Additionally, most moving companies offer several types of services. 

You can choose transport only, which means that you need to pack and unpack your belongings before and after the move. There are also full services, which also include packing/unpacking, so you don’t have to do it. 

Many moving companies also offer storage services, both short-term and long-term. This comes especially handy if you don’t have enough space at your new place for all of your belongings. Your belongings will be safely stored until you find a bigger place to accommodate everything. 

The Days of the Move

So, the moving day is approaching. You choose to either move by yourself or with the help of a moving company. In both cases, your moving day will look something like this:


In case you are DIY moving, or if you hired a company but decided to pack your things by yourself, you need to follow our tips and tricks. First of all, and this one should be obvious, you should pack most of your things before the day of the move.

Don’t even wait until the day before the move. Packing is a tiring and slow process, especially if you have many things or if some of your belongings are fragile. Give yourself at least five days to pack everything.

This way, you will have enough time to pack everything carefully. Of course, you will need packing supplies. You can pack your clothes and shoes in travel bags and suitcases. For other belongings, you will need boxes. 

You can buy them in Walmart and similar places. Don’t forget to buy tape that will keep the boxes closed during the move. Also, get yourself some bubble wrap to protect fragile items, such as dishes, bowls, ceramic figurines, appliances, electronics, etc. 

You should label every box. This way, you will know where each one of your things is. So, adhesive blank labels should also be on your to-buy list. 

Finally, think about your belongings that you consider essential. For example, clean underwear, spare clothes, a toothbrush, soap, a phone charger, some medicines, and snacks. You should pack these things separately in a bag that will be by your side all the time. 

This way, even if something goes wrong, or if you happen to be too tired to unpack once you reach your destination, you can grab everything you need immediately from that bag.  


After packing your belongings, don’t forget to clean your old place. The chances are there will be dust and cobwebs, so make sure to clean everything and leave it as you found it when you first moved in.


Once you packed and loaded your belongings and cleaned your old place, it is time to hit the road. If you rented a moving truck, you will probably drive it from Florida to Texas. Since it is a long distance, take breaks every 2-3 hours, and don’t forget to eat.

If, on the other hand, you hired a moving company, you can take a plane if there is an airport reasonably close to your destination. If you drive a car, you will then drive it all the way to Texas. Follow the same advice for regular breaks and meals. 

Settling In

Now that you arrived in Texas and reached your new place to live, you are almost done with the whole moving process. Now, the unpacking awaits you, but you can take your time with it or do it as soon as you like.

You will probably need several days or, more probably, weeks to settle in and get used to your new surroundings. Explore your new area, meet your neighbors, and try out local stores and restaurants.

Texas is friendly and welcoming as long as you are respectful toward people around you and as long as you abide by state laws. Most Texans are happy to show you their culture and accept you.

Costs Overview

Moving from Florida to Texas is certainly not cheap, and prepare to spend a significant amount of money, no matter if you choose to move by yourself or hire a moving company. For DIY moves, expect to spend anywhere between $1500 and $5000. If you hire a moving company, you will spend between $2500 and $8000.

Of course, these are rough estimates, and the actual prices may differ greatly depending on your individual circumstances, such as the moving date and the amount of belongings. There are also some factors that are outside your control, such as inflation. 

Moving by yourself is oftentimes cheaper than hiring a company, but it is a great risk for such long-distance moves. It is also more tiring and stressful, so make sure to weigh all the pros and cons of each option before making a final choice. 

How Can Yellow Eagle Help You

If you are set on hiring a moving company but worried about costs and quality of service, Yellow Eagle Relocations is a perfect choice for you. This family-owned moving company will offer you a $100 discount if you submit your quote online.

This company will also ensure that the whole moving process is tailored to your needs. Yellow Eagle movers will plan the move together with you, paying close attention to your specific requirements.

They will also pack your belongings and handle them as if they were their own. You can rest assured that all of your things will arrive at their destination in perfect condition.


Moving from Florida to Texas takes some courage since between-state moves are never easy. However, if you learn how to prepare for this move, the whole process will be much easier and stress-free.

One way to move between these two states without stressing out is to hire a moving company. Yellow Eagle Relocations is your best friend when it comes to moving from Florida to Texas. These movers will give their 200% to make the move a pleasant experience for you.

Why don’t you give them a call and enjoy the easiest move of your life?



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