Long Distance Relocation Services, What You Need

Published On: May 3, 2023

The process of making a long-distance move is beyond taking a few boxes and getting on the road. You might want to cut on cost by doing it yourself but you might be putting both your belongings and self at risk. Mishaps might happen on long-distance moves and if not well prepared for it might take a long time recovering from the loss. The best thing to do is to get assistance from a licensed moving company.

Any long-distance relocation service will help you plan your move while guiding you throughout each phase. Also, while every long-distance move is different, you want to be able to choose a moving service that best fits your needs and budget.

So if you are looking for the most reliable way of moving your belongings for long distances we tick all the boxes for what you should be looking for in a moving company. Our family-owned moving company not only puts our customers’ needs at heart but also offers free estimates when you visit our website. Don’t just settle for any moving company, contact us now and get started on your next long-distance move.

Services Provided For Long-distance Relocation

Long-distance movers not only help you get to your next destination but also offer several services that lighten the burden of relocating. The following are some of the services you can expect for any long-distance relocation.

Price Matching

When moving, you want to use the least amount of money possible. While most moving companies try to squeeze out all the coins that you might have, a few of them are not after the money. You want to find a company that genuinely wants you to enjoy your move. They also ought to give you a clear picture of what you will pay when working with them, while also comparing it to other industry players. The best part about price matching is that the company can reduce its prices if you both find that they are charging more than their competitors.

Storage Facilities

Moving is the best time for decluttering. For others, it gets a little hard letting go of the belongings you have had over the years. The new house that you might be moving to might be smaller and this might call for the need for storage space. Also, there is no point in carrying stuff that you might not use in the near future, it can stay in storage. Most moving companies offer storage services at an extra cost for either short-term or long-term safekeeping.

Moving Quotes

Moving companies offer online quotation and expenses calculators. The price generated can either go up during the actual move but you are advised to always sign a contract with the company providing the estimates. This prevents money-hungry companies from exploitation. In addition, the quotation helps get a clear picture of how much money you will need for the whole process for better planning.

Loading and unloading

Unlike hiring a moving truck, moving companies are equipped with safety equipment that makes the loading and uploading process easy. The laborers have the technique and experience in loading both delicate and heavy objects. This way, you are less worried about your delicate items breaking or getting damaged during the moving process.

Packing and unpacking

You might think the boxes and tape from the store are enough but there is more to packing. Every item you own has different specifications when being packaged. Moving companies have all that is needed to cater to the safety of your belongings. For easy access to items, the movers will help you label and color coordinate the boxes. This will make settling into the new place less stressful.

Assembly and Disassembly

Your household has several furniture pieces that require to be taken apart and put back together before and after the move. The moving company has experienced workers who can get the job done. You might try to do it yourself but it might end up taking too much time.

On-site Moving Estimates

Online quotations are convenient but there is always a need for on-site estimations. This helps in taking into account the weight and volume of your belongings. These two not only determine the type of vehicle that might be needed but also help in coming to a conclusive price range.

Disconnections and Connections

Moving companies work closely with other utility companies to make sure the houses are ready for occupancy within a short time. For an extra fee, you can opt for full services where the movers go far and beyond in getting the entire house ready for you.

Shuttle Services

Moving companies are aware that you might need a mode of transportation to get you and your family to the new destination. Shuttle services help you get to enjoy the long trip without having to break a sweat behind the wheel.

Insurance Covers

Moving companies have several insurance options that you can get for your goods on transit. By law, they are supposed to offer released value protection that offers minimal coverage on your items. You can opt for the full value protection that offers better reimbursement in the case of an accident or damage. This full value protection might vary from one company to the other.

Specialized Shipping

In some cases, you might own a thing or two that have unique dimensions making specialized handling vital. Moving companies offer specialized services for such cases. They have the vehicles and equipment necessary to get the move done safely.

Delayed Pay

Moving companies are always seeking to make your moving experience better. Companies are offering new channels through which clients can pay for the service. Delayed pay enables the customer to get into an agreement with the company on how they will pay for the service at a later date. This ensures you get to move even under tight budget constraints.

Car Shipping

Long-distance moving requires you to figure out how your car will arrive at your residence. You might think of driving it but that might add unneeded mileage. It might also be risky to drive for days on unfamiliar routes. Moving companies offer car shipping services to help you ease your mind. The pricing for this service might affect the model and size of your car.

Tracking and GPS Location

Moving service providers want you to be in the loop every step of the journey. Several companies give clients the ability to track and get real-time information of where the vehicle carrying your belongings is.

What To Consider

The services offered might give you an idea of what the company has in store for you but there is a need to dig deeper. There are several things you need to consider before settling for any company. Here are some of the things you should look out for.

Reviews and Referrals

By getting online you can quickly get to see how well the public enjoys the services of particular moving companies. You can also reach out to your friends and family who have recently moved. You can get to know what company they used and how good their experience was.

If you are relocating due to work you can involve your colleagues and relocation specialist. They have a better understanding of what is needed to make your relocation smooth. Finally, the best place to get your referrals is from your real estate agent. Most realtors have extensive knowledge on which moving companies work well in the area they operate in.

The Company Staff

The staff is responsible for how good the service will be for you. Professionalism makes up for how well you might enjoy the service. Check for any red flags by spotting if there are any gaps in time management, communication, and industry knowledge. The more experienced the movers are, the better the entire process. The workers need to know their way around handling your belongings.

Check if they are well equipped, whether they have all the tools necessary for packing and loading. The handlers also need to have a clear understanding of how to break down the on-site estimates. On-site estimations play a crucial role in coming up with the final price. In addition, companies are obliged to screen and background check their workers. This ensures the safety of their customers.

Licenses and Insurance

Every moving company in the United States has a Department of Transportation number. This is usually visible on their vehicles and other marketing materials. Apart from the DOT, the company needs to be insured. This helps in the case of an accident and your goods get damaged. By law, the companies are to offer release value coverage for your belongings.

In some cases, the moving company can involve a third-party insurance company for an extra cost which helps in offering comprehensive coverage of your items. You get a full reimbursement in the case of a mishap. When doing a background check, don’t just take them for their word, always ask for the documentation. They should be able to provide evidence that they are insured.


Cost is a crucial thing to consider when looking for relocation services. Moving is not cheap but you need to find a company that offers value for your money. Review sites make it possible for you to compare prices and settle for the best one possible. Several companies offer expense calculators that make it easy for you to plan well for the move. But don’t settle online or over-the-phone quotations, try and incorporate on-site estimations too for a more detailed cost.

You are advised not to always go for the cheapest company. They might be cutting corners, especially on insurance to reduce their overall operating costs. Low-priced moving services might also have hidden expenses in their business model. You need to ask a lot of questions regarding extra costs. Additional costs might arise from minute details such as not having a close parking space, steep staircases, and narrow doorways.

Company Research

Once you have several companies that you think are suitable for your move, you need to do in-depth research. You are free to give them a call and visit their offices. You will get to understand the company’s reach in the country’s market. It will be even better if the company operates frequently in the area you are looking to settle in. In addition, you can check on the company’s history. The longer the company has operated the higher the chances of being a great option.

You can also get detailed answers to some of the following questions to better understand the company;

  • Is the company registered with the federal motor carrier safety administration?
  • Is there a chance of subcontracting to other companies?
  • What are the rates in regards to distance and weight for the move?

Better Business Bureau offers an insight on the complaints about any moving company in operation. You check how well the company has dealt with previous complaints and whether it resolved the issue.

Consider Your Plans

You need to get a moving company that is flexible enough and can fit into your plans. Most people tend to move during the weekend but you might settle for a weekday. You might also want to do your packing and leave the heavy lifting for the movers. Furthermore, there might be a need for the movers to have facilities that cater to unique requirements. You can check and see if they offer specialized services for massive items, firearms, and large potted plants.

Apart from considering how best the moving company will be for you, you need to do a quick self-assessment before any long-distance relocation. Are you ready to follow through with the move? You have the opportunity to get rid of all the unnecessary clutter that has been lying around. This will save on the cost you might end up paying. You need to be ready to go through the entire process painstakingly as well as make a checklist and a plan.

All the information you acquire on the best moving companies needs to be well documented for reference. Finally, you are responsible for setting the date for the move. You have to settle on a date that is perfect for a swift move. In addition, there is no need to inconvenience your neighbors, so inform them beforehand of your move.

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