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Published On: May 18, 2023

The experience you get from moving within the same locality is totally different from long-distance moving. There is a lot of worry about belongings reaching the final destination in one piece. It is a valid concern since long-distance moving involves a higher risk than other shorter moves. To be on the safe side, you ought to carefully assess your situation the moment you make the decision to move to a new place.

For instance, moving to a different city might sound like fun, but you might experience culture shock. Also, you want to consider other factors like how you are going to settle in the new city, et al. While every new place has something unique and valuable to offer, you also want to ensure that you research and understand the area’s specific challenges. Regardless, moving doesn’t have to be hard at all! In fact, it can be a total adventure if you carefully plan everything beforehand.

What To Consider When Moving Long-distance

Moving long-distance is not as easy as packing your bags and leaving your city for the next one. It can be a headache, but there are a few things you could consider to make the whole process painless. To that end, read on for some of the top pointers to consider when moving long-distance.

Plan Ahead

One of the most crucial things to do when moving long-distance is to plan yourself early. You are about to move your life to a totally different locale, probably thousands of miles away from your current location. That is not a small task that you can undertake hurriedly! If you plan on using a moving company, then ensure that you make your inquiry like 3months prior to your move.

Summertime, for example, can be a very busy season. If you are planning on moving during such a time or any other peak moving season, then you need to ensure that it is planned ahead of time. Last-minute planning will be extremely exhausting and will shoot your budget over the roof. You are also likely to forget very important stuff when planning last minute, among other inconveniences.

You have to decide what is sensible to carry with you based on the new lifestyle, space, or even weather conditions. Perhaps you have a pet, it is important to research the city and state laws before your move to avoid unwanted surprises. If you are moving to a new city, find out more about the new housing’s bylaws, vehicle laws, schools, etc.

Leave Some Items Behind

Moving doesn’t always mean carrying everything you own across the city to your new place. Downsizing could be more beneficial than you think. The cost of moving long-distance is highly affected by the weight of your items. So instead of packing everything you own, prioritize the items you need and leave the ones you don’t.

A good move would be selling the stuff you won’t need in your new place or even dispose the ones that are already worn out. Check all your belongings and separate the ones you are going to use from the ones you can get rid of. You could donate the stuff that won’t be used or if you need the money, hold a garage sale prior to your move.

You could start by packing an open-first box for all your essentials. These are items that you won’t be able to do without during the first weeks of your move such as bedding, toiletries, towels, and kitchen items such as dishes, pots, and pans. These items will take you through the period you wait for your truck to deliver your other items. Consider packing your belongings one room at a time because it also makes unpacking easy for you. You won’t have to go through a pile of cups and plates to find your toothbrush, instead, you will be looking in one of the bathroom boxes.

Compare Different In-home Moving Estimates

For your long-distance move, you want to ensure that you find the right company to help you with the relocation. And while you might know of a local moving company or get recommendations from trusted people, getting multiple in-home estimates is equally important. You will need to find out this information from at least three different companies. Once you identify the companies you could work with, schedule these estimates four weeks before your move, or if you can, do it a bit earlier. To ensure accurate price estimates, make sure that your home is set in advance.

The in-home estimates are done by a representative from a moving company. They come to your home to visually survey the items you intend to carry during your move. Afterward, they are able to calculate and provide you with accurate price estimates. The benefit of in-home estimates goes both ways as it also helps you to experience the kind of services offered by the company you want to choose.

So, a red flag of working with a moving company is if they refuse to conduct an in-home survey for you. This could mean that you are working with a broker and not a moving company.

Avoid Moving During Peak Season

Summer is the peak season for movers. This translates to very high moving costs around this time of the year since the demand is high. If you want to avoid the high moving charges then choose a time during off-peak season. It not only helps to make the moving process cheaper but also less hectic.

Work With a Specialist

Don’t rush to work with a company just because it is cheaper than the rest, the last thing you want is to find yourself in the middle of a moving scam. You might be looking for affordability, but you also want to ensure that the company you work with is a trustworthy and reputable one. The services offered by different moving companies are not the same, so early research is important.

Moving specialists will properly pack your possessions and transport them with few or no hitches. However, it is important to know all the major details about your move even when you decide to hire a moving company. For instance, you ought to know when your new place will be available. This helps with planning for the right time to move. Otherwise, if you get the delivery dates wrong, then you will have to pay your mover additional costs to hold your items until the residence is available.

Ask as many questions as possible, request written agreements with your mover as well as your new landlord. Also, don’t ignore the fine print, there could be important information you might miss.

While residential moving is very common, Yellow Eagle also offers commercial moving. So if you are an entrepreneur looking to move your offices, they can help you relocate to your new business premises. And they offer different long-distance moving services, whether within Miami city or out of the state.

When you have stuff you need to keep away, the company also offers storage services. Before the move, the company conducts either in-home or video call estimates. In addition, you don’t have to pack or unpack your belongings, Yellow Eagle provides those services too upon request.

In a Nutshell

You don’t have to break the bank to move long-distance, and the process doesn’t have to be hectic either. Working with a reliable moving company has proven to work for many individuals, so you don’t have to struggle to do everything yourself. As long as both you and your moving company agree on a particular service, everything should be a breeze. If you are looking to move within Miami or outside the city, contact Yellow Eagle today and get a free quote!

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