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Published On: May 18, 2023

Now and then the need for a change in the living environment is always on people’s minds. The reasons behind it might vary from one person to the other but it’s no surprise that the most prevalent factor is due to economics. Individuals are moving to areas that have more opportunities while offering affordable housing. No matter the reason behind the move, there is always a need for the most reliable means of transportation.

The move needs to be both cost-effective and smooth. Long-distance moves can be a thorn in the side as they can be quite expensive. However, that does not mean that long-distance relocation has to be stressful. Residents in Ft. Lauderdale can always count on long-distance movers and comfortably vacate and move to their next location.

What To Consider When Moving Long-distance

If you are looking for pointers on how to go about long-distance moves then you will need to consider the following;


Off the bat, the cost is the most crucial thing to consider. Moving can be expensive but you need to settle for something that you deem affordable. The cost will always vary depending on the distance, the region you are relocating to, how big the shipment is and whether you are seeking professional moving services. Moving is something you need to have planned. You need to have flexible budget margins that allow for extra expenses that might pop up.

Moving for short distances might require you to spend a few hundred dollars but when the distance stretches over several states the budget might go up into the thousands. The size of the cargo being shipped also has a hand in the expenses. Moving household items that fit a big five-bedroom house will certainly be more expensive than one-bedroom household items, covering the same distance.

Timing Your Move

People tend to overlook this factor but it’s as important as any other on this list. A statistical analysis shows that most people move between May and August. This is during spring and late summer. During this period, the weather is at its finest, hence weather does play a part in the moving patterns of people. Everyone wants to move when the weather is perfect since it makes the move less strenuous.

Others might settle for these dates due to them having children. The kids are on their summer break and it’s easy for them to transition into new schools. So, moving services tend to be in great demand at this period and that might affect the cost of moving. You need to settle on a period that has the least number of people moving if you want to save money. You can also consider the days of the week when trying to save on costs. Most moves happen during the weekends, so settling for a midweek day might be better.

Moving Insurance

This is a great way of safeguarding your goods in transit. Long trips are unpredictable, especially if you are the one carrying out the move. You can contact your insurance agent to help you get a comprehensive cover for most of the expensive household items.

Considering Decluttering

When deciding to move, you need to have a checklist. This comes in handy when trying to reduce the mountain of belongings that you no longer need. You need to do this a few months before the move to put more thought into it. When decluttering you can try and resell some of the items and the money can be used as part of the moving budget. The fewer the items in the move, the cheaper the long-distance move will be.

Car Shipping

When going for a long-distance move you need to take into consideration how your car will get to the new destination. While some individuals prefer to drive their cars, there are several risks attached to that. For instance, long-distance drives add on unneeded mileage. The risk of getting into an accident also needs to be at the back of your mind. For peace of mind, you can opt for shipping. The price of shipping the car can vary depending on the distance, model, size, and weight.

Size of Household

You need to consider your family dynamic when planning for the move. If you have a small family you have several options. You can do it yourself, you can seek assistance from friends and relatives or you can use professional help. You are free to settle for any option that is least stressful and time-consuming. With a big household, your options tend to dip because the list of items that need shipping is long. There is the chance of losing valuable items or damage of appliances if the move is done haphazardly.

The most suitable option for large households is using professional services. You can also work hand in hand with the service providers to make the experience better. You are advised to clearly label the boxes to ensure the loading and unloading of fragile goods are done with a lot of care.

Work With a Specialist

This is the best way of shipping. Professional movers offer quick, efficient, and safe ways to get to your destination. When seeking specialists you need to do due diligence. You need to check on the reviews and the services they offer. Residents in Fort Lauderdale can use Yellow Eagle Transportation Services which are very convenient. The company has gained quite a reputation for offering long-distance moves.

By visiting the website, you are free to configure your trip to suit your desired load size, day, and time of shipment. The services are not limited within For Lauderdale, you are free to use the services to move to and from any major city in the United States. Apart from moving, Yellow Eagle offers additional help to its customers. You are free to seek both storage and full services. The full-service option works best in helping you get a smoothen out moving experience.

Yellow Eagle also offers packing and unpacking your entire household inventory, so you won’t need to lift a finger. On the other, with the storage services, you get to have some of your extra items safely tucked away for either a long or short-term period.


For some moves, you are free to stack up a few boxes in your car and you are good to go, but for long-distance moves, you need to put a lot of thought and effort into it. By following the tips listed above you can be assured of a smooth process on your next long-distance move.

Moving with Yellow Eagle is a great decision as we have the clients’ transport needs at heart. We have made it our mission to make your trip as efficient as possible. With the help of the free online quotation, you can effectively estimate the expenses that you might incur beforehand. Moving costs might be shifty and unpredictable but we offer you peace of mind with our transparent pricing.

You are free to compare our pricing, deals, and services with other industry players. Visit our website or call us to get more information that will help you on your move. Our technical team is ready to offer help at the click of a button.

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