Florida Long Distance Movers, Picking the Best

Published On: May 3, 2023

There are several reasons why you might desire to move. It might be that you are looking for better living conditions or moving to a new job hence the need to move. No matter the case any long-distance move needs to be deliberate and planned for, rather than rushing into it. The logistics and expenses associated with a long-distance move can be stressful and heavy on your pocket. Florida residents looking for a reliable means of relocation have several moving companies to choose from. But before settling for any provider there is a need to have a few things at the back of your mind.

What To Consider When Moving Long-Distance

The following items are important to consider if you are about to make a long-distance move.

Intrastate or Interstate Move

Where and how far you move affects not only your moving cost but also how your move is governed. Intrastate moves occur within one state while interstate involves two states. Both of them can fall under long-distance moves but the difference arises from expenses and regulations. Intrastate moves are state-regulated and the moves can be priced according to an hourly rate that is filed with the state regulatory body or can be priced in regards to weight and miles. Intrastate moves are handled solely by your moving company.

On the other hand, interstate moves are federally regulated and are tariff-based. The tariffs are responsible for the terms on the contracts and the rates that affect the overall cost. Interstate moves are only handled with a national moving company. Some companies might subcontract their interstate moves and this might put your items at risk of coming up missing.

Planning and Saving

The average cost of moving across the country usually falls at $5000. This means you have to properly plan and save up. You are advised to try and ask for estimates from the moving company. Once you have the estimates, you need to factor in your personal needs on the day of the move. This might include the breaking of your current lease, food, and accommodation for the cross country journey and a couple of more deposits you might need to pay for your new apartment. Depending on the means you end up using, be it personal or moving company, planning needs to be done extensively.

Cost Efficiency

For most people who settle for moving companies, they might get extra costs that they hadn’t anticipated. This can cause a dent in your pocket so you are advised to keenly examine the contract of these companies. Common additional fees that you might experience might include;

  • Accessorial charges. This comes from extra services that might be offered. Like disassembly and extra pick-ups.
  • Appliance service charge. If the mover has to cater to the installation of appliances like the dishwasher, the charges on the move might go up.

The way to cut costs is to do some of the work. Let the movers find you already packed, leaving the heavy lifting for them.

Moving Date

Have your moving date in mind when preparing for everything. This will save you a lot of hustle and reduce stress. Try not to settle for dates that are with the highest traffic. Most American houses tend to move during the summer break and due to high demand, moving services tend to be pricey. If you have a child you might be focused on joining the bandwagon and move during the summer to ensure their schooling year isn’t disrupted. Other factors that might affect your moving date might include the date of reporting at your new job, the end of your current apartment lease, and the date of occupancy of your new home

Involve your Realtors

Apart from getting you the home of your dreams, realtors do come in handy in helping with your move. The agent has a better understanding of the place you are moving to. They can offer assistance in recommending the best moving companies that operate in the area. Apart from that, they can liaise with utility providers that will help get your home ready for occupancy. Also, with the help of your realtor, you can arrange for parking for the moving truck. This will help save on time and money if you have settled for a moving company.

Extra Services

Long Distance moves always call for the use of extra services in making sure the move is successful. Apart from seeking trucking and moving services you might end up seeking both storage and car shipping services. You will acquire storage in the case where your belongings can’t fit in your new home. On the car shipping services, you might want to use them to ensure the safety of your automobile. You might be tempted to drive the car but driving continuously on rough terrain will add a lot of wear and tear. The use of car shipping might end up saving you in the long run, especially by avoiding unplanned car repairs and the cost of food and accommodation during the road trip.

Using Professional Services

Most people will want to do their move to cut costs. That might work for local moves involving small items. When conducting long-distance moves, professional movers are well equipped in helping you undertake all the logistical needs. Before settling for any mover you need to do proper research that might include answering the following questions

  • Is the company experienced in long-distance moves?
  • Can the company produce legal documents that show they are part of the department of transportation registry?
  • Are they well equipped in handling the items you own?
  • Do they have a website and where are their physical facilities?
  • Do they offer insurance and are they covered?
  • What is the cost of their services?
  • What are some of the reviews in regards to the company?
  • Are they listed on the Better Business Bureau?

Once you get a company that fits the bill you are ready for the move. And by working hand in hand with the mover, the entire process will be done swiftly.

Why Yellow Eagle Services

Everyone wants a hassle-free move and that’s what you get when working with Yellow Eagle. At the company, you are assured of high standards that will ensure you enjoy a premium moving experience, especially long-distance moves. The moving consultant and coordinators will help you with every step. The entire team helps in reducing your burden. Also, there are many pros that come from working with Yellow Eagle such as;

  • Nationwide Coverage – The company has mandatory licenses that allow for cross country operations ensuring shipment of cargo to most major cities.
  • Storage services – Depending on your requirements, you can settle for either long term or short term storage of your belongings.
  • Full services – The company can do all the packing and unpacking for you.

Bottom Line

It’s no surprise that moving can be very stressful, especially when it involves long-distance moves. Additionally, it can be extremely hectic if you just settle for a moving company that fails miserably in attending to your needs.

Of course, you not only need a company that speaks of offering the best moving services but also a team of experts that will give you peace of mind. Our dedicated workforce is here to cater to all your needs. At Yellow Eagle, will ensure all the dynamics involved in long-distance moves are smoothened out. Contact us to plan for your upcoming move.

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