Cross Country Movers in Florida, The Best Companies

Published On: May 3, 2023

While Florida is a great place to live in, you might need to change locations at some point in your life. Maybe you got a job in a different state, or you just want to experience another far-away location. The idea of moving to a new place is exciting, but you need to be keen when putting together a plan.

It’s easy for anyone to move a few boxes down the next block but that’s not the same for a cross country move. There is a mountain of things that need to be considered. Some would want to do it by themselves but if you have no experience in long-distance moving, it is advisable to leave it to professionals.

What To Consider When Moving Long-Distance

As aforementioned, long-distance moving is not a walk in the park. So when you decide to move long-distance, what are some of the important things to consider? Below is a quick review of what you need to consider.


Cross-country can be difficult, hence the need to properly plan to avoid the inevitable headache. While planning, there are a lot of things you need to look into. They might include setting the moving date, looking for a moving company, or coming up with a budget. The checklist helps to ensure you prioritize what’s important while completing tasks that will ease your transition into your new destination.

Moving Date

There are several things you need to look at when picking the date. Most Americans tend to move during the summer season which makes moving a little bit more expensive during that period. You might settle for fall due to the low cost and demand for moving services.

The end of your lease date might also have a huge impact on the moving date you settle for. The best thing to do is choose a moving date that is concurrent with the date of the end of the current lease. Also, you can’t move prior to the date available for the new home. Most importantly, if you are moving to a new job then you need to make sure that the moving dates coincide with your reporting dates.

Size of Load

The number of items you decide to take will affect your trip. The bigger the load the more time it will take to pack and load, which is why it is advisable to downsize your belongings. You might not even need some of the items you have, so you can get rid of them or put them in storage. The expenses might also accrue if you decide to pay for a third party to do the packing for you hence it is advised to travel light. Before the move, you can use the opportunity to declutter by either giving away or reselling the items you don’t need.


When moving to a new state you need to remember that you will have to get new utility providers. You don’t want to move into your new house to start stressing about important utilities that would be hard to go by without. As such, doing it prior will make settling into the new place less stressful. You can involve your real estate agent in getting the best providers in the state.

Work With a Specialist

To ensure all your moving needs are done in the best way possible it is prudent to seek assistance from moving specialists. You need to remember that not all moving companies fall under the category of cross-country movers. Some companies might not be authorized to make such moves. It’s also important to do the following when getting an interstate mover.

Check the Documents

Any moving company operating across state lines needs to be licensed. The best way to know if they have the proper legal documents is by asking for them. They are obliged to present them upon request. You will then need to go the extra mile of counter-checking the legitimacy of their DOT number with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Staff Background Check

You need to know the company’s policy when hiring its employees. The movers will be responsible for handling your valuables, you want to be sure they are in safe hands. The company needs to assure you that the employees are properly screened. In the case where a company outsources some of its duties, they need to let you know. In addition, the staff needs to be well trained and experienced. Interstate workers need to have relocation certification which shows they can get the job done efficiently.


In terms of settling on a price, quotations are very important. Companies do offer free quotations on call or via their website. You might have to know the factor in the dimensions of your home, the size of your belongings, and the distance to generate the price estimates. Reputable movers will take you through the price breakdown and pinpoint the extra charges that you will incur for extra services. Furthermore, an on-site survey will have to be performed. Any company that neglects to conduct an in-person survey cannot present well-detailed price estimates.

Extra Services Offered

Apart from moving you, you need to know what else they offer. You might need specialized moves for large expensive items like pianos, car shipping, and storage services. It will be more cost-effective and efficient for one company to conduct several services than have several companies tend to your move.


Companies are required to offer insurance cover for their clients but it usually caters to minimal damages. In most cases, it goes for 0.60 dollars per pound. If some of your items are more expensive you might seek to purchase secondary insurance. Legitimate companies should have a way to go about this. For an extra fee, you can get full coverage from your moving company. You are assured full reimbursement in the case of an accident.

Clear Communication

For smooth interaction, the company has to have a good communications line. Throughout the moving process date, time, and prices will have to be agreed upon. Great communication will ease the hassle. The best way to know how well a company responds to its clients is by checking reviews.

Many Florida residents are moving to areas across America for better opportunities, homes, and living standards. No matter the reason they all want a painless move. Of course, moving can be expensive, especially cross-country moves. If you are considering moving cross country then Yellow Eagle is a trustworthy company you could consider.

The company has a team of experienced individuals who are going to make your long-distance move easy. The company aims at providing the best services to their customers, hence you are assured of finding the best solution no matter how hard it looks. The movers are properly vetted to ensure that clients are attended to in the best way possible.

Wind Up

As you know cross country moving is a big job, you need a lot of knowledge to make sure everything goes down efficiently. Many companies are claiming to offer the best services but lack the best combinations for your unique moving needs. They might lack the manpower or the necessary documentation. Plan your next move by contacting Yellow Eagle today, a reputable moving company with a team of experts ready to help you out at every step of the journey.

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