Best Out-of-State Moving Companies, Our Top Picks

Published On: May 3, 2023

When moving out of state there is a need to know that the company you are planning on using has a vast knowledge of long-distance hauls. Out-of-state moving has a lot of complexity tied around it. Planning such a move has a lot of logistical needs, so here are a few things you need to consider before settling for a moving company.

  • Does the company staff have experience with long-distance moves?
  • Does the crew regularly undertake 2 to 3 weeks of shipping that is a result of out-of-state moving?
  • Do they have enough vehicle options that can fit your needs?
  • Does the company have licenses that allow it to use interstate routes?
  • Is the company insured?
  • Are there different cost options that cater to different cargo sizes?
  • Does the company have hidden charges in their fine print?
  • Are there sufficient positive reviews about the company?

If the company checks all the right boxes then you can go ahead and use their services.

Below is a list of out-of-state moving companies that are considered to be the best. The companies have gone through rigorous tests to appear on this list. Both their staff and equipment are top tier, capable of completing not only shipment over state lines but also countrywide. Some of the companies offer extra services to their clients as a way of improving the overall experience.

Yellow Eagle

The company is synonymous with top-notch moving services, be it local or across the entire country. It offers transparency by providing a system that allows you to keep track of your belongings during the entire move. The company boasts of several pros which include the following;

Moving quotes

Uncertainty when it comes to budgeting for your move can make you spend more than you anticipated. When you choose to use the company website, there is a free online quotation field available. This makes it possible for you to budget for your overall expenses even before settling on a moving date.


Yellow Eagle as opposed to most of the competitors has available storage spaces to cater for any extra items that might not fit in your new home. The storage arrangement can be made to either be both long-term or short-term solutions for your spatial needs.

Trained Staff

It is important to have staff that knows exactly what they are supposed to do in different circumstances. The working employees are not only experienced but are sufficiently vetted to ensure they have the knowledge and skill in conducting complex long-haul shipping.

Tailored Services

A major perk of using Yellow Eagle services is that you get the option of choosing the services that fit your different needs. Some clients prefer not to lift a finger. Yellow Eagle has full services that encompass packing and unpacking. You are given the option of supervising the whole process either in person or online.

Shuttle Service

Shuttle services are the most convenient way of moving in a vehicle that is separate from the one housing your items. This service is usually taken up by clients who have opted out of driving themselves across the open road.


The company has all the required licenses to conduct any type of shipping to any part of the country. Furthermore, it is fully insured giving its clientele peace of mind in shipping valuable goods out of state.

Why settle For Yellow Eagle?

Quick Cost Calculation

While this might be easy to overlook, it makes the planning process a little bit tolerable. With the free online quote, you can be assured of a price that does not have any hidden charges. Several things are taken into consideration when coming up with the final price.

  • The weight and volume are covered by the items. If you have a large number of goods that you are shipping then the price goes higher.
  • The distance of the trip. The longer the distance the more the logistical needs that are required to be put in place.
  • Manpower. If you need extra services like packing and unpacking then you might require extra sets of hands. The more the laborers the higher the cost.

Scope of Transportation

Most companies offer interstate transportation services but to a few states. Their reach is quite small hence not catering to the needs of the market. Though Yellow Eagle operates from South Florida and California it has designed its services to cater to the transportation needs of the entire country.


As per the company’s mission, they stand true to their word when it comes to offering services to their customers. Their lines of communication are streamlined offering timely responses to any query. Apart from that the employees are well equipped in handling any type of job presented. They go above and beyond when attending to the needs of a particular project.

Accredited Customer Ratings

Yellow Eagle has garnered positive reviews throughout its operations. The customers seem to be content with the services rendered. This gives you a clue of the kind of services you will get by choosing the company.

Comparing Out-of-State Moving Companies

Services Catalog

Clients in the moving industry have an ever-growing demand for additional services. A company that needs to survive needs to move with changes. Yellow Eagle not only offers to ship goods but also offers both storage and shuttle services. These extra services have made the company build a better reputation with the clients.

Binding and Non-binding Estimates

Most moving companies end up being deemed as scammers due to unclear terms during contractual agreements. It’s good for the movers to be clear on how prices are settled upon. After considering all the factors the cost of moving might slightly deviate from the initial estimates. The probability of a deviation needs to be stipulated in the agreement clause. This makes it binding and offers transparency in the company’s operations.

Business Model

If you need to understand how good the company is, you can simply check the company’s objective and mission statement. Apart from that, you can also compare its dominance against its competitors, over time. Raw data is always available for anyone who needs a side-by-side chart for the businesses in the industry.

Tips on Improving Your Next Out of State Moving

As per the Yellow Eagle website, there are several tips when followed might improve your experience in regards to long-distance moving.

Reduce Your Belongings

The size of the goods on transit affects the total cost of the move. You can opt for reselling most of the bulky items which you might replace later with the money raised at the new place.

Do Your Packing

By doing your own packing two things come to play. You save money that you might have paid the moving company while also making it easy for you to access your items at your new destination.

Avoid Packing Flammable Items

Interstate roads are quite unpredictable. There is a chance of crossing rough and hot regions that might bring about mishaps. You can opt for specialized transportation services for such items though you might incur extra costs.

Arrange Parking For The Truck

You need to look for the spot that is closest to your house to park the moving truck. This will reduce the laborers’ work of loading.

Move During The Midweek

The moving date affects the cost of moving. Most people move during the weekends creating a high demand for moving services. During the mid-week when the demand is low, you not only save on cost but also get a lot of movers ready to cater to your needs

Colonial Van Lines

There is no certain time to move but the Colonial Van line offers a great option for you and your family to move across state lines. The company has been a key player in the transportation service for several years priding itself on the indispensable knowledge on the best routes across the entire country. With Colonial Van Lines you are promised a safe and reliable hauling experience.


Professional Long Distance Shipping

Depending on whatever reason behind your long-distance move, Colonial Van Line has the solution for you. The wide range of vehicles offers various options for your transportation needs.

Nationwide Coverage

There is a qualified team ready to ship your goods to any state within the city. Both sufficient equipment and an experienced labor force are available to make your transportation needs smooth sailing.

No-Obligation Quotes

The quotes are offered freely to potential clients. Individuals get a detailed breakdown of how the cost of the trip will be changed to start planning.

Long Distance Van Lines

The company is not confined to offering shipping options to households but also corporations. They have been in the industry for more than 10 years offering quick, neat, and efficient services to their clients.


Experienced Employees

With the number of years that Long Distance Van Lines has been in the transportation industry it’s no surprise it has an artillery of employees that are capable of completing various tasks.

Great On-site Estimates on Moving

Estimating the cost of moving can make or break a company. The estimates might fall short and end up affecting the budgeting for both the client and movers.

Properly Screened Workers

This service industry requires the most trustworthy workforce to offer reliable services throughout the different steps of the journey. A company’s reputation rests solely on how well the movers interact with clients. The properly screened workers have been the reason behind the longevity of this company.

National Van Lines

National Van Lines prides itself on being cost-effective no matter the task at hand. They offer other services that make the moving process less stressful. They range from professional moving to packing and loading.


Extra Protection Of Belongings

Moving presents uncertainty when it comes to the safety of your goods, which can be quite stressful. The company provides extra protection to fragile and expensive goods through specialized services.

Customized Moving Plans

The company has taken customer service to the next level. It offers clients flexible time, dates, and mode transportation that they can choose from when getting the moving services.

Fully Licensed

There is a small list of companies that can consider themselves to be interstate certified, and National Van Lines is one of them. This makes the company perfect for most of your transportation needs be it local, long-distance or out of state.


This is an online platform that pairs moving companies with potential clients. No matter the state, iMoving makes it possible for you to get the most reliable mode of transportation for your household goods. Apart from household items, they can also be used to carry out commercial moves and storage.


Additional Services

The platform offers a list of services that clients can easily select from. They might include storage, packing, specialized shipping, and commercial hauls.

International Moves

There is a chance of enjoying the shipment of items beyond the country’s borders. By partnering with moving companies in other countries the platform makes such moves possible.

Flexible Pick Up Dates

There is leeway in selecting dates that can best suit your needs. Most of the reservation is done online in the most convenient way.

Moving APT

Just like most companies on this list, Moving APT understands the need of recruiting the best labor force to conduct the moving of personal belongings. The movers are also well equipped and ready to tackle various tasks that come with moving.


Price Matching

As a client, you get the chance to compare the different price ranges offered within the industry. This helps in settling for the best service at an affordable price.

Great Work Force

The movers are the building block of any moving company. Having experienced and passionate workers help in the offering of the best moving services

Free Short Term Storage

For the extra items that might lack space in your new house, Moving Apt offers a short-term solution with the availability of storage spaces. 30 days is ample time for most individuals to settle for a worthwhile solution.

Wrap Up

Out-of-State Moving can be a daunting task that requires both heart and a lot of planning. Selecting the best out-of-state company will make the process a little better on your pocket, belongings, and mind. Due diligence needs to be undertaken for such a move. The above companies are some of the best options to consider if you are looking for an out-of-state moving company.

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