Best Moving Companies to Move from San Diego to Las Vegas

Published On: May 3, 2023

You already know there is a lot at stake when moving your valuable possessions. Not only do they harbor memories but also monetary value. While most moves go smoothly accidents may occur where items may be lost or damaged.

And there are many unforeseen circumstances, especially when moving for long distances. It can be hectic moving across the country from San Diego to Las Vegas, and there are a lot of people doing so for a variety of reasons.

To ferry all your belongings to the new state, you will need to select a reliable moving company to do all the hard work for you. That said, we’ve rounded up a list of companies to ease your selection process on the day of your move.

Yellow Eagle Relocations

Each project has different types of needs and this is true of how Yellow Eagle approaches the transport needs of their clients. Being a family-owned company that majorly deals in moving goods for both local and long-distance, Yellow Eagle has put its best foot forward to ensure moving of goods is made simple.

No hidden costs so no surprises later. As well, transparency is upheld with the help of open communication and top-notch services. The company also offers extra services that always make the move as efficient as possible. They include full-service and storage solutions.

Full service ensures that all your goods get packed and unpacked without you having to be there or lifting a finger. The storage service helps you get ample space to put your surplus before deciding what to do with it.

VIP Transport

No matter the type of move you might have at hand, VIP Transport has got you covered. From a simple move to a highly specialized haul across several states. Their main objective is to ensure that your move is conducted smoothly and in the most efficient way possible.

The company also incorporates the latest technology for moving cargo across different distances. It has also been in operation for more than 30 years and shows no signs of easing in this trade, offering the best services to its customers.

The customer-centric culture has made them favorable candidates when it comes to shipping specialized cargo. It is common for clients such as art enthusiasts to ship their most valuable pieces with the help of VIP Transport. Their wide range of vehicles has also made them the go-to company for goods that are temperature sensitive like laboratory equipment.

American Movers Inc

The company has been present in the moving business since the 80s and still going strong. Longevity is a great measure of the company’s great business practices. American Movers not only boast of being a great shipping channel for your goods but also offers solutions to have your goods stored safely.

They offer both custom storage and moves for commercial and personal needs. Apart from storage and shipping, the company has shown a keen eye for professionalism. This can be seen through their excellent valuation on settling on a price, timely pick up and drop off, proper handling of cargo, and most importantly the enhanced protection of goods.

Royal Moving Company

As the name suggests, Royal Moving Company promises to provide a first-class experience for your transportation needs. A move from San Diego to Los Angeles falls under a long-distance move which is one of Royal Moving company’s specialties.

Their objective of trying to set the golden standard in long-distance moving is quite evident in how they handle both the client and their unique wants. Starting from a team of closely vetted professionals to sufficient and well-maintained vehicles, you are promised to experience a seamless move to your next destination.

In addition, Royal Moving Company guarantees to help you plan for the trip, help you move, and finally get you settled into your new location while maintaining open communication throughout the entire process.

Beltran Moving And Delivery Services

Beltran has a positive mantra that there is no task that is too big or too small that they can not take up. This is made possible by their well-stocked list of supplies present to help you conduct your move. From large heavy objects like pianos to expensive delicate memorabilia, all can move with the professional expertise of Beltran.

Most of the workers in Beltran have been in the industry for more than 20 years. This gives them an upper hand in experience when it comes to next-day services, long-distance hauls, and home deliveries. Moreover, Beltran ensures its customers will get white glove services on every type of move. Handling all the cargo with utmost care as if they were their own.

Diamond Movers

Diamond Movers offers moving rates that are consumer-friendly and tailored to fit the job at hand. Their service is not only fixed on local residential moves but also commercial and specialized long-distance moves.

To ensure that the transportation of cargo is done with great standards, the company ensures that the staff goes through a rigorous vetting and training process. Apart from having a list of professionals in their roster, the company has several different vehicles that offer different specifications to cater to different cargo needs.

Meyer Moving and Storage

Meyer has withstood the test of time in the moving industry by being in service since the early 1900s. Over the years, the company has spearheaded outstanding development within the transport industry. The company has worked tirelessly to improve its services to its customers making it a household name for many.

Meyer took advancement in transportation a step further by partnering with United Van Lines which gave them an advantage over their competitors in the moving industry.

The partnership gave them several benefits which include a beefed-up team of dedicated managers and employees, top-of-the-line warehouses with climate control for specialized cargo, and a 24/7 tracking system for goods in transit.

First American Movers Inc

The First American Movers company has one thing as a priority; making your move as easy as possible. This is made possible by the time they dedicate to ensuring the move is done by the best workers in the industry. It doesn’t matter where or what you are moving, First American Movers have taken it upon themselves to ensure all your cherished items get to you in a timely fashion and in one piece.

The company offers a clear process when approaching your transportation needs. It involves presenting quotations upfront in regards to the cargo, offering insurance coverage, and finally the packing, loading, and unloading of goods at the destination.

In addition, there is also a 30-day free storage service that is offered to their esteemed customers in case you need one due to unforeseen reasons.


Smooth and efficient moving are directly affected by the moving company you hire. It is prudent to take your time in making the best choice not only in regards to price but also concerning professionalism, types of services rendered, and the type of move you are embarking on.

Different moves require different levels of attention, and not all movers can carry out a seamless interstate haul. As such get to know your mover before committing to the move.

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