Best Moving Companies to Move From California To Texas

Published On: May 3, 2023

Relocating, especially to a new state would require a lot of forethought and attention to detail. While there are plenty of reasons to pack your bags and move to Texas from California, moving is definitely easier said than done.

There are multiple factors to consider since you want to ensure that your belongings get to the final destination safely. Hiring a professional moving company will reduce the hassle of the planning and moving process.

There are a lot of seasoned professionals that can help you move from California to any city in Texas, but there are also a few things you need to factor in beforehand. From the charges to the different moving services offered and if this also includes interstate moving.

As you look for a suitable moving company, below are a few that offer moving services from California to Texas.

Yellow Eagle Relocations

Yellow Eagle is a full service company that offers local moving, long-distance moving, small or large deliveries, and storage services for their customers. The company’s moving process is simple and straightforward; planning, packing, moving, and delivery.

With the option for a free online quote, you can easily budget before beginning your move. This accounts for the company’s transparency since it eliminates any hidden costs, not to mention the binding and non-binding estimates offered.

The also company consists of trained staff who customize your moving to ensure that the entire process is seamless. This also includes packing and unpacking services that can be closely supervised either online or physically.

JK Moving

If you are looking for commercial moving, their services include data center logistics, office IT and technology services, facility management, archive services, storage, and corporate moving. On the other hand, their residential moving services are local, long distance and international, government moves, as well as storage services.

The company’s website, mobile app, and 24/7 support enable customers to easily reach out and schedule a customized move. If you need to pay, provide updates or track your move, or check estimates then you could use the company’s app.

While JK Moving Company offers an in-house financing option, it does not provide online instant quotes or even via phone.

MuraWay Moving

MuraWay has a good number of skilled individuals to help you relocate to Texas. The company’s team of movers helps to approximate the cost of moving as well as pinpoint possible risks that could be encountered during the process. They offer packaging materials and promise the safety of their clients’ belongings.

Their range of moving services includes commercial moving, packing services, emergency moving, furniture moving, local moving, long-distance moving, and other customized moving services. You can make any inquiries by filling out an online form or calling their company line to get a free consultation.

NorthStar Moving Company

The NorthStar is an eco-friendly moving company that not only focuses on local moves but also interstate, intrastate, and international ones as well. While the company provides both moving and storage services, it uses moving boxes that are fully recyclable, biodiesel trucks, as well as natural lighting and insulations in storehouses.

From offering packaging solutions, commercial moving services, small, and even last-minute moving services, the company has a reliable range of services.


Perhaps you need help moving but want to do some of the tasks like loading and unloading. PODS provides all the shipping equipment needed as well as transportation services and allows you to handle your belongings at your own pace.

Their moving process is simple, they deliver steel-framed containers to you and wait for your alert once you are done with loading your belongings before shipping them to your next destination.

PODS also provides the option of providing customers with experienced movers to help with the loading and unloading process in case they need any assistance. The company also offers shipping services for vehicles and city services, but unfortunately, they are not available in all states.

Allied Van Lines

Allied Van lines moving services are paired with a personal moving consultant to improve the moving experience for all customers. A binding assessment is provided after a virtual or physical home assessment is done in order to determine the exact cost of moving you.

The company provides mobile storage containers and mainly focuses on SUVs, cars, vans, trucks, and boat shipping.

Allied Van Lines offers both enclosed and open car carrier options and as well provides a non-deductible vehicle coverage limited to $100,000. On the downside, the company website does not provide 24/7 claims support and you might not get an instant quote if you need to move locally.

American Van Lines

American Van Lines mostly provides long-distance relocation services that include commercial moving, corporate relocations, and international moving. The company is certified for high-value items shipping such as antiques, pianos, etc. It follows green business practices and customers are required to pay the deposit up-front.

The company does not provide online instant quotes, but you will be required to pay a flat rate amount after scheduling your move with them. A binding estimate is given after an assessment of your inventory, so you are assured that the rate won’t change later.

North American Van Lines(NAVL)

NAVL not only offers interstate moving services but also worldwide, spanning across 180 different countries. The company’s website allows customers to file claims on the homepage, as well as via phone for those who prefer to do so.

They feature a Not-to-Exceed Pricing package to ensure that the actual cost of moving customers does not exceed that quoted for them. International customers can use the MoovScout app to keep tabs on their belongings during the move.

The time period you intend to relocate, the distance, and the size of your move are factors used to determine the moving costs, but you might be charged extra if any special handling is required. However, North American Van Lines only offers storage depending on local availability.


U-Pack is a full-service moving company that provides different moving equipment options. Usually, the company provides ReloCube containers as well as trailers for long-distance moves. You have the independence to load your container or hire help after making a reservation before U-Pack professionals drive it to your next destination.

Packing and loading your items will help save you some money, but unfortunately, there is no app to keep track of the move during transportation. Customers can also get instant quotes from the website to help with prior planning for the move.

While there are many risks associated with long-distance moving, each of their moves is insured using liability coverage.

Take Home

The above movers are options you could consider for your move to Lone Star State. You could choose to do everything yourself, but a professional will over a different perspective and advise on anything important you might miss out on.

Communication is vital, so you want to work with a company that constantly keeps you updated with your move so you are not left wondering how the move would go. Moving from California to Texas is not going to be an easy task, but professional movers can streamline the process for you and make the experience less stressful.

Whether you are a small or big family, a reliable moving company will have all the necessary equipment required to execute the move smoothly.

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