Average Cost To Move From Florida To North Carolina

Published On: October 15, 2023

There are plenty of different reasons why one may want to move from Florida to North Carolina. The first reason being the climate. Florida is hot, and not everyone likes the heat all year round. Moving to North Carolina offers a more diverse climate which includes cooler winters and less intense summers, especially where the mountains are. This isn’t the only reason though, there are many benefits when it comes to moving to North Carolina including: 

Benefit Category Description
Cost of Living North Carolina generally offers a lower cost of living than many other states, with affordable housing and lower taxes.
Job Opportunities A diverse and growing job market, especially in sectors like technology, healthcare, and education.
Education Home to prestigious universities and a strong public school system, providing excellent educational opportunities.
Natural Beauty Varied landscapes from the Appalachian Mountains to the coastal plains, offering a range of outdoor activities.
Climate A temperate climate with all four seasons, including mild winters and warm summers, suitable for year-round outdoor activities.
Quality of Life High quality of life with a mix of urban and rural areas, cultural events, and a strong sense of community.
Cultural Richness Rich historical heritage, vibrant arts scene, and a variety of festivals and cultural events throughout the year.
Family-Friendly Numerous family-oriented communities, parks, and recreational areas, making it an ideal place for raising a family.
Healthcare Access to top-rated healthcare facilities and a large network of medical professionals.
Sports and Leisure A paradise for sports enthusiasts with college sports, professional teams, and a variety of recreational activities.

If you’re strongly considering this move from Florida to North Carolina, you may be wondering how much it costs. In the rest of this article we will go into how much it costs, what goes into those costs, some strategies to manage your budget, and lastly the best company to use if you need assistance with your long-distance move.

The Average Cost Of Moving From Florida To North Carolina

The cost to move from Florida to North Carolina spans from $541 to $4,991. There are a couple of different aspects that determine the price, which is why there’s such a big fluctuation. Here are the aspects you need to keep in mind.

Whether You Choose a Moving Company Or Not

If you get a company to do all tasks involved in the move for you, the price will obviously be higher. However, if you do things yourself, the price will be significantly lower. There are pros and cons to both options.

Pros and Cons Of Doing a DIY Move

DIY moves are either for you or they’re not. Below we will go over the pros and cons so you could see if it’s a good idea for you.

Pros of DIY Moving
  • Cost Savings: When you do the move yourself, you have the potential to save a lot of money.
  • Complete Control: You could have control over the whole process. Although for some, this may not be a pro.
  • Flexible Timing: You don’t have to move on the company’s schedule. You could move at your own pace.
  • Personal Handling: Some may believe that a using company can increase the chances of destroying their items. So handling their own items themselves could be a pro in their eyes. 
Cons of DIY Moving
  • Time-Consuming: Packing and moving without professional help can take up a whole lot of your time, making it hard for you to do other things (like work and more).
  • Physical Strain: If you don’t know how to properly pick up a box, you could hurt your back.
  • Stress: Between getting your family ready for the move, and doing the little minute things, doing the move yourself could be very stressful and emotionally draining.
  • Risk of Damage: Without professional packing, items may be more susceptible to damage (this could go either way and is a matter of opinion, and how good the company you use is).
  • Transportation Issues: Renting and driving a large moving truck can be challenging.
  • Unexpected Costs: DIY moves can incur unexpected costs, like fuel, lodging, and equipment rental.

Pros and Cons Of Using a Moving Company

Hiring a moving company also has its pros and cons; however, other than money, the factors often revolve around convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Pros of Hiring a Moving Company
  • Expert Handling: Professional movers have the experience to handle your belongings safely as they have done thousands of moves.
  • Efficiency: Movers can pack and transport items quickly due to their expertise.
  • Convenience: All logistics are managed by the company, reducing your workload.
  • Insurance: Moving companies offer insurance options for your items during transit.
  • Equipment: Proper moving equipment is used to protect and transport your belongings.
  • Storage Options: Many companies provide storage solutions if needed.
Cons of Hiring a Moving Company
  • Higher Cost: Professional services come at a premium compared to DIY.
  • Less Control: You have less control over the handling and timing of your move.
  • Availability: You must schedule your move according to the company’s schedule. Sometimes it may be hard to get a spot in line depending on the time of year.

Additional Costs (When Using a Moving Company)

If you do decide to use a moving company for your move, here are the factors you need to keep in mind. 


The mileage between your current home and your new home is a huge factor in pricing. The further it is, the higher the costs (fuel, labor, etc).

Volume and Weight Of Belongings

The more items you have the more it will cost to move them. Most movers charge based on the weight of your belongings.

Time Of The Year and Moving Schedules

Moving during peak seasons (which is summer), can be more expensive. So if you can consider moving during the fall, winter, or spring. 

Additional Insurance

If you don’t want the basic insurance of the moving company you may have to purchase additional insurance which could add to the cost as well.

Budget Management Strategies For Moving To North Carolina From Florida

If you are on board with getting a moving company to help with your move, yet you still want to save on the price, you could do a few things in order to get the price down.

Get Multiple Quotes

The first thing is to get multiple quotes. If you get estimates from multiple companies it’ll give you a good chance to get the best price. While getting quotes, make sure you keep hidden costs in mind as many moving companies add hidden costs within the fine lines of the contract. Always ask for a detailed breakdown of the costs and clarify any additional fees that may not be immediately apparent.

Sell Some Stuff 

If you have a bunch of stuff that you haven’t used in years, consider selling it. You could also have a garage sale prior to moving in order to get the volume of items down. 


If you can, plan your move during off-peak times. If you have time during the week to spare, schedule it for that time as you’re more likely to get better pricing. 

Pick and Choose Services

You don’t have to utilize every single service the moving company has to offer. You could pack yourself and then have them do the rest (to save a little).

Choosing The Right Moving Company

For a successful move, you can’t just pick any company, you have to choose a reliable one. Here are some of the things you should do when looking up companies. 


Nothing tells you more than the reviews of actual customers that have used the company. Make sure you read them thoroughly to see their strengths and weaknesses.

Services Offered

Next up is the services they have to offer. Make sure that they offer the specific services you need.


Above we mentioned how some companies have hidden fees within their contracts. You need to choose a company that has transparent pricing with no extra surprises. 

Move With Yellow Eagle Relocations 

With a location in Florida, we’re more than ready to help you with your move over to North Carolina. Here’s why you should consider working with us:

Extensive Expertise in Long-Distance Moves

We helped over 17,000 customers with their long-distance moves. No one will take care of your items like we will. 

Comprehensive Services

We offer everything you need in a moving company from packing to unpacking.

Customizable Solutions

If you want to do certain things yourself that’s perfectly fine. At Yellow Eagle we tailor our services based on your needs and budget.

Competitive Pricing and Transparent Quotes

Not only is our pricing competitive, but we also value transparency over all. Whatever price we give you is the final price (unless you want to add on later on).

Great Customer Service

Last, but not least is our customer service. We’ll be available to you throughout the whole process so you never feel left in the dark.

Get Your Free Quote Now

If you want to get off to a smooth start in North Carolina, considering us as your moving company will increase your chances of having a seamless transition. 

If you want a quote, go to our home page, enter your information, and get a free and personalized quote! 

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