Average Cost To Move a 4 Bedroom House Long Distance

Published On: September 2, 2023

Long-distance moves can be a daunting task, both in terms of effort and finances, particularly when you’re relocating a spacious 4-bedroom house. But what’s the actual price tag attached to such a move? In this article, we will delve deep into the statistics available, as well as explore the numerous variables that play a pivotal role in determining the final cost. Let’s get into it.

Average Costs According To Websites

Source Estimated Cost Link
North American Van Lines Up to $1,800 based on a typical rate of $50 per hour for four movers North American Van Lines
MoveBuddha $1,100 to $9,900, depending on the amount being moved and the distance MoveBuddha
Angi $4,000 to $21,000, depending on various cost factors Angi
Movers.com $3,000 to $16,000 Movers.com
Moving.com $4,890 for a distance of 1,000 miles, based on a 2-3 bedroom move of approximately 7,500 pounds Moving.com
Updater $1,050 for a one-bedroom apartment to $5,000 for a four-bedroom home Updater

As you can see above, there are plenty of different estimates when it comes to the cost of moving a 4-bedroom house long distance. These variations arise from several factors in which we will go over below.

What Variables Go Into The Price Of a 4 Bedroom House Long Distance Move?

While it’s easy to assume that distance and size of the house are the primary factors in cost, there’s plenty of other factors that go into the price of a long distance move. Let’s dive deep into those factors.

Self-Moving VS Hiring a Company

First and foremost, whether you choose to move yourself or hire a professional moving company will significantly impact the overall cost of your move. If done right, you could save a whole lot of money, but that’s a big if. If you’re not prepared, and don’t plan right, you could actually end up spending more because of unexpected expenses such as truck repairs, last-minute packing supplies, potential damages to your belongings, or even medical bills from injuries sustained during the move. Additionally, the time and effort required for a self-move can be underestimated, leading to prolonged moving days, missed work, and added stress. 

So while using a moving company could come with a higher initial quote, there will be no hidden costs you’ll have to deal with after the fact.

Size and Weight Of The Move

Just because you have a big 4 bedroom house, doesn’t necessarily mean that the move is going to be that expensive. If you live a minimalist lifestyle, your 4 bedroom house move could actually be less expensive than a two bedroom house that has more items and heavier furniture. The total weight and volume of your belongings play a significant role in determining the cost of the move.

Distance Of The Move

Although we mentioned above that it’s more than just the distance of the move, the distance definitely plays a pretty important role.

The farther you move, the higher the cost. Here’s a chart explaining why.

Factor Description Estimated Cost Impact
Size of Truck Larger trucks or multiple trucks may be required for a 4+ bedroom move. $$$
Gas/Fuel Costs Longer distances and larger trucks consume more fuel. $$$
Labor Costs More items to pack, load, transport, and unload require more labor hours. $$$
Packing Materials More rooms mean more boxes, bubble wrap, and other packing materials. $$
Insurance Larger moves might require higher insurance coverage. $$
Special Handling Large homes may have specialty items that require special handling. $$
Storage (if needed) If there’s a delay in moving in, storage costs for a large volume of items. $$
Tolls & Permits Some routes may have tolls, especially with larger trucks. $
Additional Services Services like packing, unpacking, or assembling furniture. $$


Time Of The Year/Moving Date

Another thing that could change the price is the moving date. There are a few factors that you need to consider. Due to demand, a weekend move could cost more than a weekday move. Also, there are seasonal fluctuations. The summer months are the peak moving season and due to this moving company costs are typically higher during this time. 

Accessibility To Your House

Another factor that is highly overlooked is the accessibility of your house. Sometimes big trucks could have a hard time accessing your home. Whether it’s a narrow street, or a high rise building, there might be extra charges to make up for these things.

Speed (Expedited Services)

If you need your items delivered on or by a specific date, it may increase the costs due to the fact that the moving company will prioritize your move over others, allocate additional resources, or even take a faster but potentially more expensive route to ensure timely delivery. 

Temporary Housing

If the move is going to take a little while. You may need to find somewhere to stay temporarily while waiting for your new home to be ready. This isn’t tied into the company’s moving fees, but may be a necessary additional cost.

Other Things To Consider

Whether it’s lunch for movers, tips, or or last minute packing supplies, there’s always some additional costs that you may not even think about in the beginning. You need to be prepared for these things. So even if you think you’ve covered everything on the list, keep some extra money on the side just in case. 

Things You Could Do To Lower The Cost Of Your 4 Bedroom Long Distance Move

As you could see above, moving a 4 bedroom home long distance could be a hassle, with a lot of variables. It also could be very expensive. With that being said, let’s look at some ways you could save some money in the process.

Get Rid Of Some Stuff Before The Move

Do you have a big piano that you haven’t touched in 10 years? Well, if you do, consider selling it instead of paying for it to be moved to your new place. This will considerably lower the cost of your move due to the fact that more weight = more expensive.

Plan Ahead

There’s a great quote by Stephen Keague that states, “Proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance.”  This holds true for long-distance moving. If you don’t plan the right way you may encounter unexpected expenses including damaged or missing items, extended rental fees, and more. 

Compare Quotes

Get all the pricing you can from different companies, this way you could compare them all. It’s important to make sure you take into consideration the hidden costs when it comes to their pricing structures. While an initial quote might seem attractive, there could be additional fees for services like packing materials, fuel surcharges, or even accessorial charges that aren’t included upfront. Always read the fine print, ask questions, and ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the total cost before making a decision. This will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises and ensure you get the best value for your money.

Do Some Of The Work Yourself

Let’s say you have the company you choose to pack and deliver, maybe consider unpacking and setting up all your furniture at the new spot yourself. This may potentially help you save some money. 

Choose a Weekday During Off Peak Seasons

If you want to get the best price possible, consider choosing a weekday in non-peak seasons to get the best quotes. 

Best Moving Company for Your 4-Bedroom Long-Distance Relocation

Doing the long-distance moving yourself could cause physical strain, be time-consuming, have plenty of hidden costs, and straight up just be stressful. You want the first time going into your new place to be a happy experience because bad experiences may stick with you. Choosing the right company can make all the difference when it comes to cost and getting into your new place smoothly.

Why Choose Us: Yellow Eagle Relocations

Transparent Pricing

As we stated above, many companies don’t include everything within their initial quote. Here at Yellow Eagle Relocations, we pride ourselves on being transparent, what you see is what you get.

Customized Solutions

We understand that every single move is different. Through our planning process, we get all the unique information we need to tailor our services for your move. 

Expertise & Experiences

All the things you would have to worry about moving yourself, you don’t have to worry about with us. You don’t need to worry about breaking or losing things. You also don’t need to worry about how much time it will take or if you have the right equipment or materials. After doing thousands of jobs, our team of professionals will ensure that your move is handled with precision and care. 

Comprehensive Services

From local to long-distance moving, storage services, and full-service packages, we offer a range of services to cater to different moving needs.

Great Customer Service

Our customer service is probably our strongest suit. During your move, we will be there every step of the way. This way, if the rare occasional hiccup happens, we will be there to correct it as we will be accessible by phone throughout your whole move.


In conclusion, ensuring a smooth, stress-free, and efficient long-distance move is our top priority at Yellow Eagle. With our comprehensive services and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we’ve established ourselves as the go-to moving company for all relocation needs. Don’t leave your move to chance; trust our team of professionals to handle every detail with precision. Ready to embark on a seamless moving journey? Contact us at today and let’s make your moving experience one to remember!


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